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貌强:A Burmese Confesses to Oppressed Ethnic People & My Comment

    作者: 貌强 Maung Chan (缅甸华族)
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    I received an email letter from one of the Burmese brothers as follows:

A Letter from a Burmese Brother

    Dear Friends,
   If you have any access to Charm Tong, please kindly convey this message to her. It is a right time that a person like Nang Charm Tong receives the recognition and well deserved support from all over the world. She has been listed in 1000 women for Noble Peace prize, listed among Time magazine’s Asian heroes, awarded numerous human right awards, etc and most importantly, widely and well deservedly known as an activist who really sacrificed herself and fought for her fellow women significantly, successfully.
    It surely must have been a difficult road that she has overcome to establish such an achievement in bringing awareness for the injust. She is regarded at the same level as Aung San Suu Kyi, Dr Cynthia Mg etc. Women like Ma Su Su Nway are following Charm Tong's example in confronting injustice in their own ways, courageous ways.
    My message here is that we, ordinary Burmese fraction of the country feel ashamed of being a Burmese when we heard that our Burmese soldiers are terrorizing, systematically abusing and using violence against ethnic women.
    We feel ashamed that Burmese soldiers are responsible for outrageous acts towards a weaker sex, or an ethnic group. We want to apologise to Charm Tong and all ethnic women that we are really sorry for what is happening in your regions and the fact that our soldiers are responsible, even though the group responsible is SPDC. We are disgusted about the lies and ways of SPDC treating our country. We fully support Charm Tong and person alikes' efforts in bringing awareness towards violence against ethnic people, especially women and children.
    We support her efforts in stopping violence against ethnic women, regardless of their race or religion or background. The world is supporting her, and that includes Burmeses. We are positive that we are not the first, last or the only Burmeses to support her efforts. Millions of Burmese abroad and within the country are supporting her for at least 3 years now.
    One might say that this message is too little, too late at a time like this.
    But if this message makes her (or persons like her) feel that the majority Burmeses are supporting her and at the same time condemning the cowardly acts of the SPDC junta and its soldiers; this message reaches its objective.
   One of the Burmese Brothers

I Replied To Him as follows:

    Dear Burmese brother,
    I read your letter and was moved to tears.
    You, a Burmese nationality, so sincerely confess and so cordially apologize for the crime committed by your fellow Burmese .You have conscience of self-criticsm and truth-respect.
    Although you are not those who kill and plunder the ethnic people,
    Although you are not those who burn and destroy the ethnic people’s cottages and crop fields,
    Although you are not those who rape the ethnic mothers and daughters,
    Altough you are not those Burmese generals and degenerates who say all the nicest things while doing all the vilests,
    Your moral quality is extraordinarily great!
    You are the conscience of Burmese nationality!
    What you represent is the nationality we know well—the good-hearted, charitable and tolerant majority of Burmese nationality!
    A nationality that consciously corrects its mistakes and constantly improves itself is a great nationality!
    We, Burma’s Chinese, admire and salute you, the honorable Burmese brother, with a sincere and respectful bow.
    With Regards
    Burma’s Chinese

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