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A Call for a UN Investigation, and US Sanctions, on the Human Rights D

   A Call for a UN Investigation, and US Sanctions, on the Human Rights Disaster Unfolding in Xinjiang
   August 10, 2018

   It is now clear, from numerous reliable sources, that shocking human rights atrocities are being perpetrated in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China (XUAR).
   The Communist Party authorities have established a large number of political re-education centers in Xinjiang, detaining people without any judicial process, stripping them of their personal liberty, imprisoning them, and detaining them for indeterminate ‘sentences.’ Estimates of the numbers detained range from hundreds of thousands to over a million, primarily targeting Uighurs, but also Kazakhs, Hui people, and other minorities who follow Islam. Among those detainees are peasants, workers, university, college, high-school and middle-school students, teachers, poets, writers, artists, scholars, the head of a provincial department, bureau chiefs, village chiefs, and even Uighur police officers. Uighurs overseas, as well as their family members and Uighur students who return to China after studying abroad — and even Uighurs who have simply visited abroad for tourism — have been particular targets of attack.
   Those locked up in detention centers have been forced to sing Red Songs, learn Mandarin Chinese, and study Xi Jinping Thought. Many have been forced to eat pork, drink alcohol, and been force-fed unidentified drugs. Abuse and torture is common in re-education centers, and reports of deaths in custody due to torture have become common. The well-known deaths confirmed to date include Muhammad Salih Hajim (穆罕穆德.萨利阿吉), the renowned Uighur scholar of Islam known for translating the Quran with official approval; Halmurat Ghopur (哈木拉提·吾甫尔), a leading food safety administrator and Communist Party official in Xinjiang; and Ayhan Memet, mother of Dolkun Isa (多里坤·艾沙), the chairman of the World Uyghur Congress. Many children, because their parents were disappeared, have been crammed into orphanages and are now suffering terrible conditions.
   According to official Chinese statistics, over 227,000 Uighurs in Xinjiang were criminally arrested in 2017, 8 times the 27,000 recorded in 2016. In 2017, the number of people detained on criminal charges in Xinjiang was 21% of the total in all of China, while Xinjiang’s population is only 1.5% of the country’s.
   Further, Communist Party authorities have set up a comprehensive electronic surveillance system trained on the daily lives of Uighurs in Xinjiang. They’ve deployed cameras with facial recognition capabilities, cell phone scanners, a DNA collection system, and a ubiquitous police presence, turning the entire Xinjiang region into the world’s most high-tech Police Garrison. All of the Party’s efforts are directed toward the cultural destruction of the Uighur people, who now face a crisis of survival.
   In light of this grave human rights catastrophe, all who value human rights and universal values cannot be silent. We hereby state the following:
   We strenuously protest the CCP’s unilateral barbaric violence, and we demand that the authorities immediately cease the political persecution of Uighurs and other minority peoples, shut down the political re-education camps, and release all prisoners of conscience including Ilham Tohti (伊力哈木.土赫提) and Gheyret Niyaz (海莱特尼亚孜);
   We support the righteous struggle by Uighurs and other minority peoples in XUAR aimed at securing their basic human rights;
   We call upon the U.S. government to continue speaking out about the human rights abuses in Xinjiang, and to put more effective pressure on Party authorities;
   We call upon the United Nations to launch an investigation into what is taking place in XUAR and to publicly censure the CCP’s despicable acts.
   Hu Ping (胡平), honorary chief editor of Beijing Spring, New York.
   Wang Dan (王丹), founder and director of China Dialogue, Washington, DC.
   Teng Biao (滕彪), human rights lawyer, visiting scholar at New York University, Princeton.
   Xia Yeliang (夏业良), independent scholar, Washington, DC.
   Mo Li (茉莉), teacher, Sweden.
   Fu Zhengming (傅正明), scholar, Sweden.
   Cai Chu (蔡楚), editor of minzhuzhongguo.org and canyu.org, Mobile, Alabama.
   Zhang Yu (张裕), coordinator of the Committee on Imprisoned Writers, Independent Chinese PEN Center. Stockholm, Sweden.
   Lü Jinghua (吕京花), deputy chair of Chinese Alliance for Democracy, New York.
   Liao Tianqi (廖天琪), president of Independent Chinese PEN Center, Köln, Germany.
   Zhang Qing (张菁), chairwoman of Women’s Rights in China, New York.
   Liao Yiwu (廖亦武), writer in exile, Berlin, Germany.
   Yaxue Cao (曹雅学), editor of chinachange.org, Washington, DC.
   Sulaiman Gu (古懿), student, Georgia, USA.
   Wang Juntao (王军涛), chairman of the National Committee of China Democracy Party, New Jersey.
   Qi Jiazhen (齐家贞), independent writer, Melbourne, Australia.
   Chen Weijian (陈维健), chief editor of Beijing Spring, Auckland, New Zealand.
   Xia Ming (夏明), professor of political science, CUNY, New York.
   Sheng Xue (盛雪), writer, journalist, Toronto, Canada.
   Zhou Fengsuo (周锋锁), president of Humanitarian China, New Jersey.
   Zhong Jinjiang (钟锦江), chairman of Chinese Alliance for Democracy, Sydney, Australia.
   Guo Dongcheng (郭冬成), worker, Sweden.
   Cai Yongmei (蔡咏梅), writer, Hong Kong.
   Chen Chuangchuang (陈闯创), member of China Democracy Party, New York.
   Yang Jianli (杨建利), founder of Initiative for China, Washington, DC.
   Pan Yongzhong (潘永忠), secretary general of Federation for a democratic China, Germany.
   Chen Pokong (陈破空), political commentator, New York.
   Li Weidong (李伟东), director of China Strategic Analysis quarterly, USA.
   Zhang Lin (张林), internet writer, New York.
   Wang Ce (王策), chairman of Chinese Republican Party, Madrid, Spain.
   Li Ruijuan (李瑞娟), journalist and editor, Taipei, Taiwan.
   Wuerkaixi (吾尔开希), initiator of Friends of Liu Xiaobo, Taiwan.
   Zhao Xin (赵昕), civil rights defender, Bay Area, California.
   Su Xiaokang (苏晓康), writer, Washington, DC.
   Guo Chen (郭琛), businessman, former chief supervisor of the Association of Taiwanese in Europe, Germany.
   Bob Fu (傅希秋), founder and president of ChinaAid, Texas.
   Fei Liangyong (费良勇), engineer, member of Federation for a democratic China, Nuremberg, Germany.
   Wang Jinzhong (王进忠), deputy chair of Chinese Alliance for Democracy, Tokyo, Japan.
   Chen Liqun (陈立群), deputy chair of the National Committee of China Democracy Party, New York.
   Ma Yuzhong (马育忠), editor, Xi’an, China.
   Fu Sheng (付升), scientist, Xi’an, China.
   Cai Shufang (蔡淑芳), Friends of Conscience, Hong Kong.
   Ren Wanding (任畹町), founder of Human Rights Defenders, France.
   Chen Hanzhong (陳漢中), board director of China Spring Research Foundation, chief supervisor of Chinese Alliance for Democracy, California.
   Zhang Jie (张杰), Boxun News journalist, USA.
   Hong Zhesheng (洪哲胜), chief editor of Democracy Forum, New York.
   Xue Wei (薛伟), manager of Beijing Spring, New York.
(2018/08/11 发表)
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