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A Snowy Day in Spring 春雪有懷

   With every tree covered by falling snow
   It feels like returning to the very beginning of time
   My thoughts leaping forward with great strength and vigor
   Between heaven and earth, so vast and remote.
   As the east wind blows

   Who can sing a song with me?
   My thoughts now indistinct and drifting
   With Zi You* nowhere to be found.
   I want to ride upon a donkey
   Or sail along the river
   To search for a trace of plum blossoms
   My thoughts dancing gently along
   Leaving all worries behind.
   Here I am surrounded by a pure white world
   I wonder if I have come close to Ku Yi**
   My thoughts flow with contentment
   And nothing else to pursue.
   *Zi You, also known as Wang Huizhi, was the son the Wang Xizhi, a Chinese writer and official who lived during the Jin Dynasty (265–420), best known for his mastery of Chinese calligraphy. His most noted and famous work is "the Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion(Lantingji Xu)". Shen Yun once portrayed this great work in a dance piece called "Poets of the Orchid Pavilion".
   Zi You was also very famous for his mastery of Chinese calligraphy. Legend has it that once on a snowy night, he suddenly woke up from a dream. Observing the beautiful scenery, he recited poems and suddenly remembered one of his friends who lived very far away. He immediately jumped upon a boat, traveled for the whole night and reached his friend's home by the morning. However, he didn't enter his friend's home. Instead, he returned immediately. When people asked him why, he replied, "I went to visit him when I was in the mood; and I came back because I was no longer in the mood. Why should I actually see him?"
   ** Ku Yi can either refer to a Taoist mountain or a divine being who oversees the snow. Zhuangzi, a famous Chinese philosopher who lived around the 4th century BC during the Warring States period, wrote the following in his article "A Happy Excursion":
   "On the Miao Ku Yi Mountain there lives a divine one, whose skin is white like ice or snow, whose grace and elegance are like those of a virgin, who eats no grain, but lives on air and dew, and who, riding upon clouds with flying dragons, roams beyond the limits of our mortal world. When his spirit gravitates, he can ward off corruption from all things, and bring good yields to our crops."
   -translated by Jennifer from the Chinese poem below by 元曦. 以上英文譯自元曦如下中文詩。)
   -Inspired by the photos below by Benny Zhang Studio taken at Central Park in New York on March 22, 2018. Featured in these photos is Ariel Tian, founder and designer of Yun Boutique. 詩歌靈感來自張炳乾 (Benny Zhang Studio)以下攝影作品,照片中人物爲雲坊設計師田甜(Ariel Tian) 。照片於2018年3月22日攝於紐約中央公園。
   Please click here for the most beautiful photos 圖片請點這裏
(2018/03/26 发表)
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