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·It was We who Sold our Own Liberty
·《智慧篇》前  言
·三十七、人有远虑 必有近烦
·明道若昧 进道若退--《智慧篇》三十九
·四十五续三、万事皆必然 唯我逍遥行
·四十五续三、万事皆必然 唯我逍遥行
·四十五续三、万事皆必然 唯我逍遥行
·有之以为利 无之以为用-《智慧篇》之五十
·用之不可见 见之不可用《智慧篇》之五十一
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·悟道 求道 证道 得道 守道-《智慧篇》之五十六
·转识弃智 登堂入室--《智慧篇》五十八
·The Poor Can not Enter into Heaven
·异想天开 玩玩特异功能--《智慧篇》七十三
800 Values No.101~200

800 Values No.101~200


   101.Jealousy reflects an ugly soul.




   102.A mind bent on comparison is a mind bent on wickedness.




   103.Vanity is as a cancer cell of life.




   104.Complaining is a poisoned arrow.




   105.Selfishness is the source of trouble and is a primary pass to hell.




   106. Anger is the source of all diseases and is like chronic poisoning one’s self.




   107. Anger is an emotional cyclone; to get angry is to get hurt.




   108. Laziness is a parasite’s consciousness.




   109.Gratitude is the first element to sublimate LIFE.




   110. Selflessness is the pass to heaven.




   111.Giving and dedicating are the best ways to accumulate treasure in the heaven.




   112.Money, power, position, fame, and beauty are the devil’s bait.




   113.The more things you possess, the more trouble you will also possess.




   114. Health, calmness, joy, contentment, and peace are rewards from the Greatest Creator.




   115.You can own nothing and yet have everything.




   116.Honesty is the best policy.




   117.Once the roots are established, the way will grow therefrom.




   118.If one can achieve a body and soul of integrity through self-improving and self-refining, then they can have real spirit and great talent and virtue concentrated within themself.




   119. Keeping one’s faith is the first priority in life; breaking one’s word is criminal.




   120. Being negative is like cutting one’s own and other people’s arteries to release blood.


   121. Repentance is an effective way to purify the soul and also a cure to eliminate negative karma.




   122.Praying has incredible supernatural power – pray more when you cannot realize your beautiful ideal because you feel trapped by your surroundings.




   123.Being cold is a sign of lacking vigor and vitality, and those who lack enthusiasm and passion cannot do great things.




   124.Greed isa psychological disease.




   125.Arrogance is evil’s quality.




   126.Stubbornness isa symbol ofrigid thinking.




   127.Truth cannot be found in debates and arguments.




   128.Cheating is criminal.




   129.Suspicion is psychological perversion.




   130.Hate is like poisoning yourself and others.




   131.Cursing is wizardry and the cursor will become a demon, so do not curse no matter how angry you become.




   132. Hate ruins us.




   133.Weak spots with defects are the mostvulnerable to injury.




   134. Praise shows the richness of one’s soul.




   135.Belittling others shows the ugliness of one’s soul.




   136.Humbleness is the beginning of progress, sublimation, and a pass to heaven.




   137.Trust is like honey and distrust is like a knife.




   138.As humans, we need to have religious sentiment.




   139.Conducting oneself naturally is the greatest beauty.




   140.Do not judge others; be careful about conclusive words before they escape your mouth.


   141. Say what you feel like saying, do what you feel like doing, build your own road, and follow your own paths; Do not bother with others or regard other people’s business.




   142. Trust is truth; love is LIFE.




   143. Forgiving and tolerating others will broaden your path and increase your living space.




   144. Chase after the sun, and you will escape the darkness; chase after happiness, and you will escape trouble; chase after paradise, and you will escape this mortal world.




   145. Whoever spreads ugliness is ugly.




   146. If you escape from yourself but are afraid to face yourself, you will suffer endless pain.




   147. Love is a state of being; it is like sunshine and flowers blooming.




   148. Love does not have specific objects; it illustrates our most beautiful qualities.




   149. Whoever lives for others is trampling on their dignity.




   150. Beware of those who say, “I do this for your own good”, as they may have selfish intentions and do it for THEIR own good.




   151. Criticizing each other causes misery and suffering, and shows that you are rigid and stubborn.




   152. Egalitarianism is unfair; communism without belief in the Greatest Creator does not work.




   153. We should have light in our eyes and love in our hearts, thoughts need to be kind, and routine work needs to be done diligently.




   154. Quality decides function and the quality of a person decides their value and function in society.




   155. Good character can establish one’s dignity, but power and wealth do not build it.




   156. “It is easy to have good relationships with everyone if we do not want anything from them; I would not care about the price of wine if I did not drink it”. The best way to resist something is to “abandon it and ignore it”.




   157. We should take things as they are, associate with others by following predestined relations, act in accordance with our nature, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.




   158. Only saints are qualified to guide others.




   159. Realize that you are blessed and cherish your blessings,and do not waste your good fortune. Once your rewards are expended, you will have a tough time.




   160. Great oaks from little acorns grow; put more effort into basic things.


   161. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; little things make big things happen.




   162. What we have seen is where we are going. What have we seen?




   163. Deliver the best quality in all jobs you do, or do not do them.




   164. Do not desire supernatural powers or magic arts; do not pretend to be supernatural to impress others; be your true and natural self.




   165. Allow yourself to return to the zero state. Do notclaim credit for yourself and become arrogant.




   166. Focus on good things and ignore bad things; the law of attraction is magical.




   167. If you are very healthy, then nothing can make you sick.




   168. Keep Individuality yet blend with commonness.




   169. Do not stop when faced with adversity; things might turn around at the next corner.




   170. Happiness comes from collective group, joy is from creation, freedom is earned, and well-being comes from dedication.




   171. Do not kidnap, bond, or strangle your loved ones in the name of love.




   172. It is better for others to owe you then for you to owe others; this is how we become free.




   173. “Everything is consumed in commotion, but is brought into existence in tranquility, and tranquility is the home of the spirit”. “Tranquility gives birth to wisdom, while commotion breeds fatuity”. You cannot achieve much or go very far without peace of mind.




   174. Close one door and many other doors will open for you automatically.




   175. It is better to create the future than to dwell in the past.




   176. Your stubborn perspectives can be the roots of all your hearts’ problems; your cunning can obstruct the advancement of your enlightenment; to enlighten yourself from the regret of consequences whenever you face perplexity is to compose your mind and make your actions righteous.




   177. Those who are keen on nourishing themselves from the meat of birds and other animals will be harmed by their instinct, and those who gain extra advantage from others will be punished by Tao.




   178. Men are handsome for their masculinity, and women are beautiful for their femininity; Men with too much femininity and women with too much masculinity are ugly.




   179. There is no love or hate without any reason.




   180. Money does not grow on trees and there is no free lunch; everything is priced.


   181. A civilized society is one in which resources are shared by all its members; a barbaric one is one in which they are contested and claimed.




   182. Everything is good in moderation but poisonous in excess.




   183. All conflicts are irrational.




   184. Throwing stones at each other is barbaric behavior.




   185. A timely compromise is wise and a timely retreat can move you forward.




   186. Associate with people but do not form cliques with them; this is an excellent quality of civilized people.




   187. A man of great virtue does not claim virtue; a man of the great mercy does not flash mercy; the great image has no image; Tao never does anything, yet all things happen through it.

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