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「俠女」隨想 The Spirit of a Female Knight

   「俠女」隨想 The Spirit of a Female Knight

   Yesterday while taking a bus to town, I suddenly felt that my hands were too "idle". They are usually very busy tying on the keyboard when I am home or in the office. So I played around with an app on my cell phone and posted the "product"-the above photo of me- onto the Facebook.
   I didn't expect that this photo would draw so much attention. Numerous friends left comments, many of them saying that I looked like a "female knight" in ancient times. One friend posted another photo and left this comment:

   「俠女」隨想 The Spirit of a Female Knight

   "Words inside The Picture
   The Female Knight is in a dilemma
   If her heart is not still, she cannot cultivate Buddhahood
   If her heart is not moved, how can she fight the injustice in the world?"
   I pondered on these comments; and realized that I do have the spirit of a "female knight". Since my childhood, I had always wanted to protect the vulnerable around me.
   After practicing Falun Dafa, I gained a deeper understanding of the principle that in this world, every result has a cause whilst every action will bring about a consequence. As a result, I was able to maintain a calm mind without feeling unbalanced or wronged that easily.
   However, as of today, if I still have the heart to fight for others, how can I deal with the dilemma mentioned by that friend?
   Instantly, and without any difficulties, I came up with two replies:
   Reply 1: "The Female Knight has obtained a great Way, and can stay unmoved or act swiftly at will."
   Rely 2:
   "To stay still or act swiftly
   It all happens naturally
   With everything encompassed and perfectly harmonized
   She can switch between staying still and acting swiftly
   With just an instant thought"
   「動靜隨機 圓轉如意
   亦動亦靜 兩相得宜」
(2018/03/19 发表)
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