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800 Values No.1~100

800 Values No.1~100




   1.Open the windows and the sunlight and fresh air will come in.

   Take a broad view and you will see the faraway mountains are fresh and green.

   Stay and study in Lifechanyuan and a new LIFE will begin.

   You will see clear scenes of paradise.




   2.Revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE, revere nature, take the Way of the Greatest Creator.




   3.Let everyone live well: the aged, the children, the widowed, the orphans, the disabled; not only ordinary people, but presidents as well; not only the rich, but prisoners in jail as well, even livestock, domestic fowl, and wild animals.




   4.Three quarters of all criminals are not inherently criminal, but are forced into their situations by an unhealthy culture and the program of production and life which have been established by people.




   5.What is the best state for our survival? The core is simply this: take the way of the Greatest Creator and establish governments which govern nothing. The more that governments manage and care, the worse our survival will be.




   6.The more laws and regulations that there are, the more problems that will arise, especially the stronger the repression of human nature is, the stronger the containment of subjective initiative and creativity will be. It is as if to tie up people’s hands and feet with ropes and then shout for them to hurry and run!




   7.Closure will lead to ignorance and backwardness, and rigidity and death as well, for a person, a nation, and society, too.




   8.The Earth belongs to all humanity. People should be allowed to flow freely throughout the world and not be restricted by political borders.




   9.A global government which is able to coordinate global affairs should be established.




   10.Democracy is the pursuit of mediocrity. Strong, wise leaders should be in charge to carry things out, have the final say, and accept all the consequences.




   11.Today’s real problems can not be solved with historic experience, but only with open and creative thinking.




   12.Those who contemplate new solutions with traditional values are reactionaries resting on their laurels.




   13.The judgement of right and wrong should be based upon these four essential standards: fact, science, logic, and spiritual perception,not according to the words of the ancients.




   14.Meritorious statesmen are prone to be the greatest resistance to advancement.




   15.There is nothing good about spirits and deities; fortunes and disasters, and all furtive and sneaky things are bad.




   16.The western way of managing state affairs according to laws is so inexorable, while the oriental way of ruling states by men is so complicated, that neither methods are effective. States need to be ruled in compliance with Tao.




   17.All affairs that are put into the public domain reflect the best solution to all problems.




   18.What programs are bad ones? All programs are bad ones if they prevent people from leading happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives, but make people feel anxious, miserable, annoyed, dreaded, and worried.




   19.Mankind is facing multiple crisises, and the core one is the crisis of the soul.




   20.What money can buy is not precious, but what money cannot buy is a treasure.


   21.Preaching, in and of itself, cannot reach its goal; it also needs the corresponding program as its supplement.




   22.Man falls into five categories:

   1)Ignorant persons are driven by instincts


   2)Laities are driven by desires


   3)Mortals are driven by sentiment


   4)Sages are driven by rationality


   5)Saints are driven by spiritual senses and saints are celestial




   23.Man has six senses: visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory (taste), tactile, and spiritual.




   24.The sum of positive and negative energy in universe is always zero, therefore what everyone pays is always equal to what they gain.




   25、Life is a short journey of LIFE in the human world.




   26.All the preaching and orders that make people happy, joyous, free, and blessed are moral, all of those that prevent them are the opposite.




   27.Man should pursue three great treasures in life:

   1.Spiritual wealth

   2.Intellectual or ideological wealth

   3.Material wealth

   None of the three great treasures is dispensable. A life without any one of them will be imperfect.




   28.Man lives to pursue happiness, joy, freedom, and blessings. All of our activities are centered on this goal. If we ignore this goal of the existence of life, we will be putting the cart before the horse, whether it is studying for a doctorate’s degree, marrying to found a family, establishing a company, pursuing of an official career for more money, or self-cultivation. Pursue happiness, freedom, and pleasure, and fully enjoy all your blessings along your journey through life, and hence love life, love being, love nature, and feel gratitude – this is the moral of being a person and also the major value and significance of life.




   29.The highest realm of life is to read extensively, have the world in mind, cure severe illness, make vigorous effort to improve situations, benefit people, and help to create a paradise where all people will live harmoniously with each other. The highest realm of LIFE is to self-improve and self-refine, release souls of people from purgatory, become a Celestial Being and achieve Buddhahood, and realize Supreme Authentic Wisdom.




   30.The easiest habit to form and the easiest to ignore, but the most harmful to life and LIFE is the habit of accepting favor and forgetting to feel gratitude.




   31.That which is most easily obtained is the most precious. We must be very clear-headed that what comes by easily is very precious. We should not think that what we have gained easily is of little value. Rather, that which is most readily available is most precious. We should regard them as favors from the Greatest Creator and we should take this principle as the valuable book of life.




   32.The eight (8) secrets of life are:


   1)The more one pays, the more they gain;


   2)The uglier one’s soul is, the more painful they feels;


   3)The more perfect one’s LIFE’s structure is, the more beautiful their appearance will be;


   4)The more words that are given, the greater the loss will be;


   5)The more beautiful one’s soul is, the brighter their future will be;


   6)The more one is possessed , the more trouble they will suffer;


   7)The stronger one’s self-persistence remains, the further one will be from Tao;


   8)The more willing one is to pursue shortcuts, the longer their journey will be




   33.The eight (8) mysteries of life are:

   1)Ask for the Greatest Creator at a critical moment


   2)Say ”No!” to avoid disaster


   3)Sensation is more reliable than wisdom


   4)Capture stimulation from information the first time it is offered


   5)Confession can release karma


   6)Obtain truth and Tao from the evasive and elusive


   7)Enter the Spiritual pure land and unite with Tao


   8)Dialogue with the Greatest Creator directly by reading the books without words often.




   34.The Greatest Creator is the primary productive force.




   35.Live for happiness, joy, freedom, and blessing, but not for doctrine, truth, state, political party, organization, religion, or family.




   36.The eighteen causes of life’s suffering are:


   Incorrect values of life, LIFE, and the universe





   Complaining and resentment


   Undue ambition for victory and struggle

   Arrogance and insolence


   Infatuated and poisoned love

   Possession and occupation

   Contention for fame and gain


   Ambition to transform and control other people

   Deviation from Tao of nature

   Transgression of laws and disciplines

   Consciousness of marriage, family, nationality, state, political party, religion, and organization.



   37.Mankind’s present is caused by his past and everyone’s present is caused by their past. The Tao of heaven is justice. Therefor, stop blaming heaven and earth, and stop complaining about society, other people, and the government.




   38.To create happiness for mankind and individuals, you must rely on the Greatest Creator as well as on yourself.

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