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The Only Purpose of Becoming a Chanyuan Celestial

The Only Purpose of Becoming a Chanyuan Celestial

   Is to Accomplish the Spiritual State of Immortality

   on One’s Own


December 4, 2011

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)


   A spiritual state of immortality is peerless, correct, and perfect enlightenment, also the most perfect end-result. To accomplish the spiritual state of immortality on one’s own means that after being tested by desire, anger, ignorance, jealousy, and pride, and surviving calamity and hardship, one can finally acquire enlightenment and perceive nature, realize the secrets of life and LIFE, then achieve Buddhahood fruit or the super celestial being fruit, reach the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World, be free from the samsara and free from all confusion, and enjoy the boundless joy and pleasure of LIFE.


   To accomplish a spiritual state of immortality on one's own is the only purpose of becoming a Chanyuan Celestial. There is no other purpose except this one.


   The way to become a Chanyuan Celestial and accomplish the spiritual state of immortality is this:


   1. You need to read Chanyuan corpus and Xuefeng corpus, and understand the profound mystery of life, LIFE, time, and space.


   2. You need to work hard to pay off and eliminate all your debts from many generations in the mortal world and sever your associated ties, and enter the New Oasis for Life.


   3. You need to take part in the construction of the New Oasis for Life, clean up the dust and dirt from your soul garden and beautify it by doing formless alms giving, free yourself from the universal gravitation of LIFE in the mortal world, accumulate merits and virtues, and finally leave for the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand year World, or the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.


   In order to accomplish the spiritual state of immortality, you must observe strictly the road map of the Guide, otherwise it will be hard to accomplish the spiritual state of immortality. Therefore, you will not pursue any of the following eight purposes any more:


    No longer pursue other roads, but only take the way of the Greatest Creator.


    No longer pursue money, power, status, fame, or have lust, but abandon your ego and achieve the realm of freedom from ego and freedom from form.


    Do not educate others or deliver any beings from torment any more, but concentrate on your own achievements.


    Do not participate in any other activities or organizations any more, but act in accordance with your nature and your unity with the Tao.


    Never show yourself off, but live and work earnestly and faithfully by following the teachings of Jesus Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni.


    Never attempt to achieve vigorous careers, have ambition, be competitive with a secular government, or turn against any person, organization, or group, but accept things as they are, cherish the present, thank everyone, and remain humble.


    No longer argue, debate, quarrel, fight, scramble, or strife for anything or with anyone, but be flexible and act tactfully, knowing to smile to the subtle metaphysics, and learn all the secrets.


    Do not consider yourself as someone great or extraordinary any more, but as the most humble, most ordinary, most common LIFE in the world.


   Therefore, after entering the New Oasis for Life, you need to:


   1. No longer pour out your woes or complaints, but build up your own soul garden.



   2. No longer display yourself anywhere, but endeavor to do pursue doing your duty at a first class level of quality.


   3. No longer bother with others or regard other people’s business, but concentrate on your own perfection.


   4. No longer find fault with others or cavil at anything, but concentrate your attention toward realizing yourself.


   5. No longer carp at, educate, or guide others, but implement the theory which you have learned into your own words and behavior, concentrate on whether every little thing you do is accord with the teachings of gods, Buddha, celestial beings and sages, and not be concerned with others.


   6. No longer pursue material interests and comforts, but pursue the abundance of the spirit and soul.


   7. No longer discuss or comment on others, nor stir up enmity and make mischief, but pursue coexistence in harmony with every brother and sister.


   8. Be a simple and honest person, not a shrewd and capable person; be a sincere and frank person, not a scheming and defensive person; be a natural person who can spontaneously play a game or have fun like a child, not a sanctimonious little hypocrite whose flattering lips speak with deception


   The self-cultivation and self-refining in Lifechanyuan are different than any other kind in history. The traditional forms of self-cultivation and self-refining do not work in Lifechanyuan. This is full coordinate and holographic self-cultivation and self-refining. To be a Chanyuan celestial, you must rid yourself of inherent consciousness, thinking, and habits, but realize yourself with the whole new thinking and the whole new way, then accomplish the spiritual state of immortality.

(2017/12/18 发表)

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