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The Full Story of the Second Home Event






   June 13, 2012 The Public Security Bureau from Chuxiong city conducted a sudden investigation of the 3rd branch without notice. They claimed that they had received reports of illegal activities taking place within the community.


   A pair of police officers interviewed each member and asked many questions, including the community founder’s name, the member’s home address and national identification number, how the community finances itself, the level of freedom that community members enjoy, our spiritual values, how children are educated, and the like.


   They also checked every one’s room and the data in the personal computer. The police officers used three video cameras to record the entire investigation.


   June 15, 2012 The Public Security Bureau informed our community founder Xuefeng, that the investigation was a legal process and that all members of the 3rd branch were free. They also asked for our support in any future investigations.


   Mar 6, 2013 We were notified by local Village Committee that the government was going to reclaim the land that the 3rd branch occupied because the local villagers had insufficient land on which to live, but no formal written notice was presented.


   Founder Xuefeng then wrote to the committee, explaining that as long as everything was being done through the legal process, we would be ready to support any decisions of the government.


   Mar-April 2013 There were a few negotiations between the community and village representatives, but no agreement was met. We bought the property at the price of 540,000 RMB. According to the contract terms, if any party breaks the contract, the other party would receive compensation equal to ten times the contract value, also counting in the investment that was put on renovation and new buildings, we asked for a total compensation of only 5,000,000 RMB. But the village representatives did not agree and also said we can take new buildings and roads with us.


   Apr 25, 2013 The road leading to the 3rd branch was vandalized, and power and network cables were cut.


   May 17, 2013 The wall of gate was pull down.


   Note: During the last six months, we have reported the above incident to local police station. They came and investigated the case, but gave us no feedback and took no action to satisfy our complaints.


   Nov 05, 2013 A group of people claiming to represent the Village Committee and other government bureaus, but without proper identification, came to the 3rd branch and called Xuefeng to tell him come to a meeting in Chuxiong city immediately.


   On the same day, they informed us that our important guest Michiyo, the president of GEN Asia and Oceania should not visit the 3rd branch.


   Nov 06 -07, 2013 Xuefeng met with local village representatives who claimed that the lease contract signed between our landlord and us was invalid and that they wanted to reclaim the land. No photo or video recording were allowed during the meeting. After the meeting, they disassembled the gate to the 3rd branch and took it away.


   Nov 08, 2013 In order to avoid any possible physical harm to community members, we decided to give up the property of the 3rd branch and agreed that we would move out before November 23. Government and village representatives then announced that the lease contract was cancelled immediately and that we would not be given any compensation. They also required all residents to go home and that they not go to the other branches.


   Nov 09, 2013 A bus was sent to the 3rd branch by police and they contacted the families of community members and told them that Xuefeng is a big cheater and that the families should take their relatives back home immediately. They also told people that they were coming to save them.


   On the same day, We decided that Lifechanyuan will apply non-violent noncooperation when facing representatives from any government departments.


   Nov 19, 2013 Forty members safely withdrew from the 3rd Branch and were transferred to the other two branches.


   Nov 27, 2013 Local police officers came to the 1st branch located at Anning city to inquiry and ask some question. We had been informed by all landlords that they want to terminate the contract. One mentioned that it was not her intention but she was under high pressure.


   Nov 28, 2013 Seven representatives from local Village Committee and local government came to the 4th branch located in Lincang city and said that local villagers want to reclaim the land and therefore the lease contract is legally invalid. The landlord said that this was out of his control.

(2013/11/28 发表)

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