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Establish global government--- Lifechanyuan era (7)





   Establish global government--- Lifechanyuan era (7)








   Deiform celestial





   Everything has a core: aggregate of atoms, molecules, solar system and the universe.





   Everything is a system: human body, the natural ecology of the earth, solar system and galaxy.




   Anything without a core is disorganized, conflicting, paradoxical, temporary and short-lived.




   Anything without a system in the status of disorder, contradictory, pains, sadness, morbidity, defective and will be difficult to last for a long time.




   Take a man for example, without the coordination of brain his hands, feet and mouth will act in their own way, and the result is bound to be good for nothing. The patient falls ill because his own system is out of balance and different organs can not work harmoniously; the healthy is healthy because all organs of him work harmoniously. And nothing can escape from this law whether it is a person, a family, a community, a company or even a country.




   Undoubtedly, we have to establish a center, a system, namely a global government so as to guarantee that all people around world can live a peaceful, calm, harmonious and happy life.




   The current human beings are sick: various countries act as they think just like hands, feet and mouth go their own way without the control of brain; its consequences are bound to lead to conflicts and contradictions, cutthroat competition among different regions, destruction of natural resources, huge squander of manpower and material resources, various crises faced by human; at last everyone will fall into misfortune.






   Whether human beings can survive continually depends on whether a global government can be established as soon as possible. Human beings are bound to enter Lifechanyuan era and are bound to have a global government to arrange and coordinate all the production and activities of all mankind. This is an inevitable trend and reality which can not be changed by the will of anyone, any organizations or any countries.




   The main functions of the global government are as follows:




   1. Formulate the unified production and living bills for mankind, and also supervise the bill implementation of all regions.




   2. The currency in all regions should be same.




   3. The national boundaries should be removed and all armies should be dismissed.




   4. Administration staffs can be transferred globally, for example, Blair can be appointed as the commissioner of North America; Bush can be appointed as the commissioner of Arab region; Shinzo Abe can be appointed as the commissioner of southern Africa; Mbeki can be appointed as commissioner of Australia region.




   5. Establish a global intelligence bank centrally allocate the scientists and other specialists; set up global personnel database; resources explored and utilized globally; the public order taken charge by global policemen and the teachers in universities allocated in the world scope etc..




   6. Everyone will be guaranteed to have work to do, have food to eat, have clothes to dress and have house to live in;




   7. The difference among various regions and nationalities should be gradually narrowed so as to realize the common prosperity for all human beings.




   8. The values of Lifechanyuan should be implemented.




   Are above imaginations nonsense, impracticable illusion or daydreaming?




   No! Hands, feet and mouth are controlled by brain, and consciousness determines the reality; human being's consciousness determines production and life style; as long as all people think in this way, this sublime ideal is bound to realize.




   Who would think in this way?




   All the people who revere the Greatest Creator, life and nature and follow the words of the Greatest Creator would think this way; all the people who are loving, compassionate, mentally and physically healthy, love peace and yearn for freedom and happiness, and try to climb towards the peak of life would think this way.




   People used to think it was impossible for a group to come into being and survive without families, political parties, religions and countries; and they thought it was unimaginable, and it only might appear in the remote future. However, the fact is that such a group has come into being and existed, and it is Lifechanyuan.






   Lifechanyuan is the epitome of future human being's life and the seed of the future society; and with more and more sages and wise men around world continually enter Lifechanyuan, the ideal era dreamed by all mankind will come, and the global government will also be established.


   Heaven which by it is bright and pure;


   Earth rendered thereby firm and sure;


   Spirits with powers by it supplied;


   Valleys kept full throughout their void


   All creatures which through it do live


   Princes and kings who from it get


   The model which to all they give.


   This one is the Greatest Creator.




   All things leave behind them the Obscurity (out of which they have come), and go forward to embrace the Brightness (into which they have emerged), while they are harmonized by the Breath of Vacancy. This Obscurity is Lifechanyuan, and this Brightness is the global government.




   Human beings can enter the ideal society only when there is the Greatest Creator, Lifechanyuan and global government.




   Lifechanyuan era,




   All humans stand together regardless of situation,




   All people around world are brothers, sisters, relatives and lovers.




   Joy and happiness, every minute

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