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The Time and Space of the Universe

209. The universe is the product of the consciousness of the Greatest Creator.




   210. The universe does not originate from the Big Bang. Instead, the universe has come into being because Wuji gives birth to Taiji and chaos evolves into holographic order.




   211.There are eight powers in the universe: magnetic force, gravitation, strong force, weak force, tectonic force, repulsive force, conscious force and spiritual force.




   212. Man lives in xy world, spirit lives in –x-y world, god and Buddha live in xyz world, monsters and demons live in –x-y-z world, the Thousand-year World is in xy-z world, the Ten-thousand-year World is in x-y-z world, and the Celestial Islands Continent is in xyz world.




   213. The universe exists for life, and life exists for the universe. When life dies out, the universe will perish. When the universe is dead, life will be extinct.




   214. The whole solar system has been set up for man on earth and to serve man.




   215.The moon has not come into being naturally; instead it has been created specially for life on earth. Apart from other functions, the moon also serves as a warehouse.




   216. The aerosphere is the skin of the earth, the ozonosphere is the protector of life on earth, water is the blood of earth, and photosynthesis is the headspring of food for life. Symmetry in nature is a mysterious force, the perfect scale is golden mean, the brain is the epitome of the universe, gene is the sealed book of life, conditioned reflex is the protective mechanism of life, and the pleasure of sex is not only for the continuation of the ancestral line, and the beauty of nature is the masterpiece of the Greatest Creator.




   217.The UFO that we now occasionally spot in the sky are not from the outer space but from the center of the moon, which is a gigantic warehouse where stores many “tools” that celestial fairies have once used. And UFO is one of these tools. The moon has a gate, which can be opened any time. Beneath the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, there is a huge “palace”, which the celestial fairies use as a temporary lodge on earth. When such needs arise, the celestial fairies can exercise “remote control” of the “UFO” within the moon at any time and visit the earth.




   218.In the universe there is a negative cosmic velocity, namely the speed of nonmaterial, which is faster than the velocity of light.




   219. Everything in the universe moves in Tao, the souls of all LIFE forms are connected with the soul of the Greatest Creator. Everything and every phenomenon have to abide by their own principles and laws, no matter it is the operation of the celestial bodies, or the actions of ants and bees. Everything is controlled by Tao. The universe is holographic and an idea can be spread across the universe in an instant.




   220. The total energy of the universe is zero. The universe maintains its relative stable order with a zero total energy.




   221. The connotation of holographic order of the universe means that the universe can be so expansive that there is no such a thing as exterior, and that the universe can be so small that there is no such a thing as interior. Every thing is in holographic telepathy with the universe. There are no things independent of other things, and there is no phenomenon independent of other phenomena.




   222. The unity of opposites is only the phenomenon of the universe rather than the essence of the universe. The essence of the universe is holographic order.




   223. The universe can be divided into macrocosm and microcosm. The universe without a border is called macrocosm and the universe with a border is called a microcosm. The macrocosm consists of vast number of microcosms. The universe in which man exists is a microcosm, which is called geocosmo. The structure of geocosm is a Taiji ellipsoid, which is called the Law Rotary Galaxy. The Law Rotary Galaxy consists of about 3000 Rotary-River Galaxies. Each Rotary-River Galaxy is composed of about three thousand Milk Way Systems, and each Milk Way System is made up of about three thousand Solar Systems.




   224. Illustrate the truth of the existence of the universe, expound on the connotation of Tao of the Greatest Creator, and make everyone believe and rely on the Greatest Creator, and build an effectively operating program that guarantees the happiness, joyfulness, freedom and blessing of everyone—this is the only recipe for all the social issues of present time. There is no alternative way out.




   225. All objects within the scope of time, including the celestial bodies, have an origin, a time of birth and a course of development. The universe is no exception. Wuji reigned supreme before the birth of the universe. The state of Wuji is: the lack of exterior and interior, the absence of large and small, the lack of border, the absence of nonentity and entity, the nonexistence of time, space, substance, and spirit. All is a state of clearness and brightness as well as chaos. All is a state of existence and all is a state of nonexistence.




   226. Chaos is a disorderly state, while holographic order is an orderly state. Chaos is the state before the formation of the universe, while holographic order is the state after the formation of the universe. Chaos means mess and lack of order; holographic means wholeness and inseparable integrity; Dun means a borderless and expansive state. In the state of chaos, there is no heaven, no earth, no border, no limit, no center, no yin and yang, and no middle way. In the state of holographic order, there is Taiji, the one in the unity of opposites, the two poles, and middle way.




   227. The law that maintains the zero sum of the positive and negative energies in the universe is called law of cause and effect.




   228. It is rightly because of the existence of nature that different things have unfolded the clear-layered, well-structured, and multiform and constantly changing wonder of life. If everything is devoid of its nature, the universe will return to the state of chaos.




   229. The material world is the positive universe, and the nonmaterial world is the negative universe. All will be called nonmaterial and belong to the category of negative universe if they are ultraphysical, intangible, invisible, untouchable, inaudible, and cannot be smelled, measured and perceived but have effect on material world.




   230. The dreamland is the embodiment of negative universe (nonmaterial world).




   231.People have to undergo a 180-degree shift in their understanding from material to nonmaterial and from universe to negative universe. Just like moebius strip that reverse one end to 180 degrees. Without this 180-degree reversal, we cannot understand nonmaterial and negative universe.




   232. The position of material and nonmaterial and the sphere of their activities are called space. The space can be positive and negative. The space in which nonmaterial exist is called negative space, and the space in which material exist is called positive space. The positive space is decided by the existence and distribution of material, and the negative space is decided by the existence and distribution of nonmaterial.




   233. The space can change the object’s shape and its law of operation. The space includes the natural space and the space of thought. In different spaces, life and objects have different rules of operation and states of existence. The change in space can cause the changes of life in the aspects of physiological mechanism, mode of thinking, and state of survival. One must change the space of activity if he wants to change himself.




   234. The nature will offer us corresponding feedback to whatever information we input into it. There is no coincidence in the universe. The occurrences of all phenomena have their corresponding necessary factors. There is no natural phenomenon that does not have a cause. The necessary factors will inevitably lead to certain results. This is the program and the objective law that will not be subjected to the will of man.

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