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·Lifechanyuan Is the Wonderland for Resonant Souls
·FAQs Concerning Lifechanyuan
·Lifechanyuan addressing on The New Year’s Day
·How to get along with each other in Lifechanyuan
·What Is the Destiny for the Boat of Lifechanyuan
·Confessions of Lifechanyuan
·You will have everything when you keep Lifechanyuan values
·Love is a Precious Gift That the Greatest Creator Bestows to Human Bei
·Lifechanyuan's View Point on Love and Sex
·Lifechanyuan's View Point on Love and Sex
·An Introduction to the New Life of Human Beings-Home without Marriage
·Ideas on the Material Life Standards of the Second Home
·Viewing the human society mode of life in the future from the prospect
·Build a Spiritual and Physical Homeland
·Bring Joy and Happiness to Others and Society
·Laziness is a big enemy of Home without Marriage and Family
·Replication of the Ten-Thousand-Year Life
·Comprehensively absorb new era values
·No Oppressing and Exploitation in Heaven
·The No. 1 home in the world
·We are the globalists-to "Heartease (Xinpingqihe)"
·Utopia and the Home without marriage and Family
·How Should We Establish the Peaceful and Warm Homeland?
·The Pioneers of the New Era, Please Come Close to Lifechanyuan!
·The Noah's ark in new era
·Home for soul and kingdom for freedom
·Create an Environment for Open Dialogues
·In the scope of government management
·To those who wish to be Chanyuan celestial
·Another Notice for the application of Chanyuan celestial
·Notice for who wants to apply for Chanyuan- celestial
·More thoughts on how to apply to Lifechanyuan
·Beautiful Scenery in Lifechanyuan
·The Practicing of Dao from the Perspective of Lifechanyuan's Current S
·A Century's Dreadful Earthquakes and Jesus' Revelation
·18 traditional values subverted by Lifechanyuan
·The Eighteen Bottom-Lines to Be A Human
·The standards of a pure and beautiful soul
·Make the Best Use of Everything
·Rather die than swallow one's words
·No debts between Chanyuan-Celestial
·The Psychological Qualities to Be Chanyuan Celestial
·This is the life of Chanyuan Celestial
·8 attainments to be Chanyuan Celestial
·Pray for Chanyuan Celestials
·Chanyuan Celestial
·80 FAQs concerning The Home without marriage and Family (1)
·80 FAQs concerning The Home without marriage and Family (2)
·80 FAQs concerning the Home without marriage and Family (3)
·80 FAQs concerning The Home without marriage and Family (4)
·Walk to the Lifechanyuan era
·Join your talent and wisdom into the creating of Lifechanyuan era
·40 Passes from Human to Chanyuan Celestial
·The Practicing of Dao from the Perspective of Lifechanyuan's Current S
·A Century's Dreadful Earthquakes and Jesus' Revelation
·The song of the universe ---on Lifechanyuan era (1)
·Countries will disappear: On Lifechanyuan era 2
·Religion will disappear: On Lifechanyuan era (3)
·Political parties will disappear: On Lifechanyuan era (4)
·Family will gradually disappear: On Lifechanyuan era (5)
·Hospitals and Doctors Will Disappear: On Lifechanyuan Era
·Establish global government--- Lifechanyuan era (7)
·New human, new life--- Lifechanyuan era (8)
·The Noah's ark in new era
·Welcome to Lifechanyuan the New Home
·Viewing the human society mode of life in the future from the prospect
·Create a Rational, Peaceful, Humanistic Era
·Humanity has Missed a Great Chance
·Help me to Build a Paradise on the Earth/Xuefeng
·Help me to Build a Paradise on the Earth/Xuefeng
·Humanity has Missed a Great Chance/Xuefeng
·The Only Solution to Humanity's Crisis : To the United Nations
·Live for Yourself, Never for Others/Xuefeng
·Out of the Egypt of the Spirit/Xuefeng
·The most selfish are those who live for others/Xuefeng
·Genetic Engineering: All the Devils are Coming Out of Caves/XueFeng
·Strategic Life XueFeng
·Life Needs a Track! XueFeng
·The Eight Meanings of the Way of the Greatest Creator(I) XueFeng
·The Eight Meanings of the Way of the Greatest Creator(II) XueFeng
·Life Unfolds from These Two Purposes Xuefeng
·Looking for Your Own Garden of Eden
·The Values and Meaning of Life
·The Values and Meanings of Life and LIFE
·How to Realize the Value of Life
·Infants Who Never Grow Up
·Navigating for Life and LIFE
·The Three Great Treasures of Life
·Priorities: The Order of Importance and The Emergence of Life
·Escape from Despair
·The Survival of Mankind is in Great Danger The Production and Life Mo
·Eight Criteria for Individual Freedom
·The Crisis of Being Eliminated Lurks in Passivity
·Gratitude: The First Element of LIFE’s Sublimation
·The Poor Can not Enter into Heaven
·Knowledge Is Not Power
·The Dialectical Relationship between Reality and Illusion
·The Trajectory and Free Will of Life
·Abandonment is also a kind of achievement
·Possess Nothing yet Have Everything
Lifechanyuan Is the Wonderland for Resonant Souls





   Lifechanyuan Is the Wonderland for Resonant Souls








   Xue Feng





   Basing on the will of the Greatest Creator, the guide of Jesus Christ, the teaching of Buddha Sakyamuni, the celestial being LaoTzu, the prophet Mohammed, sages at all times and in all lands and the life mode of the thousand-year world in Heaven, Lifechanyuan is built for harvesting "ripen crops", leaving seeds to human species on Earth for developing Lifechanyuan era. Chanyuan Celestial mainly refers to people who are celestial beings having lived in Heaven in preexistence and previous preexistence but can't find their way to home temporarily, refers to those who are successful in self-refinement and self-improvement about Buddha dharma and doctrines of Christ and Tao, refers to those who are humble and relative perfect and dreaming for the life of Heaven. Chanyuan celestial is born instead of being educated and cultivated in short time; what Xue Feng does is to look for Chanyuan Celestial rather than to cultivate Chanyuan Celestial.




   So, Lifechanyuan is the wonderland for resonant souls, is a family full of harmony, auspicious and happiness, is a land of idyllic beauty for people persisting Lifechanyuan values to enjoy happiness, is a college to sublimate life quality and to self-refine supernatural power, and is also a transfer station to get rid of worldly fetter and to get into the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world, the Elysium world and the Celestial Islands Continent.




   Lifechanyuan is never a place to argue truth and to fight, never a ballroom or a platform to play the peacock, never a market to sell personal thought and never an arena to present personal magic arts; it is not "Shanghai Beach" where people can grab power, money, fame and beauty; it is not a classroom to present its own knowledge and ability and to educate other Chanyuan Celestials and guests; it is not such a place to draw some people in and to push others out; and it is never a place to organize its own strength and power.




   There isn't other thought but Chanyuan values in Lifechanyuan. Unless you think that your thoughts overpass Jesus, Sakyamuni, LaoTzu, Mohammed, Xue Feng and Heaven-Earth Celestial, otherwise your thoughts are not worth to absorb, and you can't publicize your thoughts in Lifechanyuan.




   There isn't room for discussing and debating but holding Chanyuan values. If you don't agree with Chanyuan values, please go and look another good place to show your ability; if you think that we deprive of your discourse power, it is not because we are too autocratic but you swim against the tide; to promote rat poison in a grocery store is not the false of the grocery but the promoter who choose wrong place.




   You can speak everything about praising, encouragement, reciprocal affection, truth, goodness, beauty, love, honesty and trust freely; you can move freely and quickly on thoughts of Chanyuan values; you can speak your understanding of human life, life and time-space; and you can speak out your puzzle and doubt freely; however, please don't play your petty tricks, otherwise you will swing the axe onto your own foot.




   No matter how many Chanyuan Celestials there are, they are the same and can be called one person. Take a look at the Celestials in early stage in Lifechanyuan-Foshan Celestial, Taiji Celestial, Heaven-Earth Celestial, Deiform celestial, Penglai Celestial, Tianshan Celestial, Wannian Celestial, Canghai Celestial and Jiaoer Celestial, they like one person; we can't distinguish them from each other. They don't hold a meeting to discussion, don't exchange ideas privately, don't design "pact to shield each other" and don't restrain each other; they act as they pleases, but what they do, think, wish, act and present is like one person. Over the years, there are many people to stir up trouble to disintegrate them, but the result is that the destroyers swing the axe onto their own feet. Fortunately, this good situation is fermented and extended uninterruptedly; like their predecessor, the following Chanyuan Celestials are also like one person, they are Lingyuan Celestial, Tianhe Celestial, Tongtian Celestial, Yiyun Celestial, Mizong Celestial, Wanmin Celestial, Jingying Celestial, Xianzhe Celestial, Huiying Celestial, Huixin Celestial, Lingfeng Celestial, Shenfo Celestial, Fahai Celestial, Lingxiao Celestial, Huahui Celestial, Songbai Celestial, Conglong Celestial, Shengming Celestial, Fangsheng Celestial, Longgong Celestial, Tongxin Celestial, Ailian Celestial, Wanjiang Celestial, Dongfang Celestial, Tianji Celestial, Lianxin Celestial, Tiankong Celestial, Tongyuan Celestial, Wushang Celestial, Zhengjue Celestial, Shoufo Celestial, Tianshi Celestial and Puji Celestial, just Like the formula of 1+1+1+1+1+1….=1. These people can share the happiness and hardship together, can hold together in live and death and can be as dear to each other as members of one family. Isn't it the factor of the Great Harmony world? Isn't it the aspiration that human beings wish for? Isn't it the results of following the instructions of Jesus, Buddha, LaoTzu and Mohammedan? Isn't it the miniature of the thousand-year world and the ten-thousand-year world of the Heaven? Isn't it human beings' most wonderful expectation? And is there conflict and dispute among them? Is there jealousness? It seems not.

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