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·The Only Purpose of Becoming a Chanyuan Celestial
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·You are Invited to Join Lifechanyuan International Family
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Preface of Lifechanyuan Values





   Preface of Lifechanyuan Values








   Fansheng Buddha



   我们知道禅院理念诞生于《禅院文集》,要说清楚什么是禅院理 念,少不了先解读《禅院文集》,用仙鹤草先生的话讲,《禅院文集》是一部旷世奇书,如此形容非常贴切。我们知道任何事件发生都不会是独立出现,一本书也好,一个理论体系也好,它们的诞生绝不是偶然的,作为人我们直接接触的只是它文字上的东西,但发生在其背后的意识契机和整个过程却并不是我们能够想象和了 解的。但任何文字现象的背后必然存在它的来源与出处。从这个角度读文字,整个文字就再现为一本活脱脱的剧本,其里面的人物、事件让我们读来有血有肉。就好 比考古学家通过一些完整的考古挖掘就可以再现一段古代无从知晓的历史一样。从这个角度讲人类历史上留下的任何文字的东西都与作者的人生经历,当时的社会背景,以及其意识的独特性有关连。


   As we know, the Chanyuan Values is born in Chanyuan Corpus. If one wants to understand the Chanyuan values, one should first read Chanyuan Corpus, which, according to Crane-Celestial, is a unique and outstanding book. This description is very suitable. We all know that everything happens accidentally either a book or a theory framework. Our direct contacts are the literal things, and what we can't imagine and understand the chance of consciousness and the whole process behind it. However, there certainly exists its origin and reference behind the phenomenon of words. To read words from this perspective, the whole words are reproduced as a lively drama, in which the personages and the incidents are full of vivid details. This process is just like the archaeologist reproducing an ancient unknown history through a series of intact archaeological excavation. From this point of view, any literal things left in human history are related with the former social background, the author's personal experience and his unique consciousness.


   如果我们从这个角度读《禅院文集》,整部《禅院文集》就活了,其中灵魂的东西便跃上纸面,从这个角度读《禅院文集》你就会发现整部文集天然一气呵成,无懈 可击。它涉及的角度之广是人类历史上少有的,它涉及的文化背景之深是人类文化任何一本书难以企及的,可以毫不夸张地这样形容它,《禅院文集》活脱脱地再现 了人类历史的发展,涵盖了从古到今人类历史智慧的结晶。它从宇宙的诞生讲起把人类历史上各大教派的文献进行了深刻地剖析,让所有的经书再现了它本来的面目。它从中国的古代历史传说到人类几千年的发展史,把整个中国的历史从古到今传承起来。透过这样的视角,你回过头来再解读任何已知或者未知,比如经典名 著、各种典故、神话故事、历史传奇人物他们全都活了,都与我们今天的人生息息相关。从这个角度讲《禅院文集》对人类的贡献是卓越的,《禅院文集》达到了人类历史上智慧的一个顶点。


   If you read Chanyuan Corpus from this perspective, you will find the whole Chanyuan Corpus is full of vivid details and the soul of the book stands vividly in the pages. From this point of view, you can find the whole corpus is finished perfectly and written at one stretch. It is difficult to find a book in the history that as extensively involves as it does; it is also difficult to find a book in human culture that involves such a deep cultural background as it does. So, it is no exaggeration to say that Chanyuan Corpus has represented the development of human history vividly and contained all the human crystal of wisdom completely. Chanyuan Corpus starts from the birth of the universe, makes a deep analysis on the documents of several big religious sects in human history and reproduces the original features of all the religious texts. It starts from Chinese ancient historical legend to thousands years of phylogeny of mankind and inherits the whole Chinese history from the ancient time to today. Seeing from such a visual angle, you can turn back and unscramble any known and unknown literature such as classic works, various allusions, fairy stories and historical legends, in which all the personages are becoming alive and are closely bound up with our present human life. From this point of view, Chanyuan Corpus has made distinguished contribution on human beings and has reached the wisdom summit of human history.


   细读《禅院文集》我们就会体验到它从让我们认识上帝入手,它从宇宙的起源到生命的空间,从宏观天体运动到微观人体器官,从人类历史上未解之谜到天天发生在我们身边的诸类小事来引导我们认识上帝。用《智慧篇》《反常思维篇》来解读人类历史真相,剖析自然现象,用人类智慧结晶来引发我们智慧的火花。用《人类人 生篇》《生命篇》来解读人类的起源,生命的层次,生命的真相,以及生命的意义等等。从古到今,从宏观到微观,揭示了人类所有生命的演化过程,并指明了人类发展目前所处境地和未来即将遇到的困难。 在《传道篇》《宇宙空间篇》中对宇宙中的现象从宏观到微观按照人能够理解的角度都有详细的讲解,详细地解释了宇宙 的起源,通过它的描述再现了上帝诞生的过程,再现了宇宙发展的真相,让我们正确地认识什么是道,从神学和科学双重角度出发揭示了宇宙统一场,也指出了人类科学所处的位置以及发展弊端。揭示了宇宙中时间、空间如何诞生,详细带我们了解了宇宙中三十六维空间的生命的生存状况,给人类指出了美好的发展趋势,为生 命找到了更美好的生存空间。其中《反物质世界篇》将引领人类走向一个未知的领域进行探索,为人类进一步认识生命的真相、生命的意义,进一步认识上帝、提高生命的层次而揭开了新篇章。《天启篇》《修行修炼篇》《成仙篇》《成佛篇》《人生宝典篇》指引人类如何认识生命的真相,提高生命的层次,从宏观到微观生命 的变化,从自然现象到事物本质变化,从实际方法入手从初级到中级再到高级,让我们从一步步的体验经历,通过这些方式逐级提高我们认识,使我们的认识从量的 积累到质的突变,这个过程也是训练我们一步步走向开悟的过程。这些方式是定式的,应用是灵活多变的,因人而异,从低到高按照有序进行。《文明篇》是为人类开启的一个新篇章,未来人类必须认识上帝,必须从根源上解决目前人类发展过程中的弊端,用乾坤草的话讲必须正本清源,人类必须从认识上帝,认识宇宙起源, 认识事物从无到有运行机制,从根本上制定出人类的生活、生存的游戏规则,保证生命在自由、开心、幸福的前提下同享上帝的恩赐。过上一个人人知道生命的根本,感恩上帝、珍惜生命、天下大同的太平盛世。


   With a close look at Chanyuan Corpus, we can feel that it leads us to know the Greatest Creator from the origin of the universe to the life space, from the movement of the macroscopic celestial bodies to the microscopic human organs, from the unsolved mysteries in history to various trifles happened all around us everyday. It uses the Wisdom and Abnormal Thinking to unscramble the truth of human history, to analyze the natural phenomena, and it uses the crystal of human wisdom to trigger our wisdom spark. It uses the Humans, Human Life and Life to analyze the origin of human beings, the level, truth and meaning of life, etc. It analyzes from the ancient time to the present, from macroscopic world to microscopic world, reveals all the evolution process of mankind life and points out that the current and future circumstance of human development will soon meet difficulties. In the Preaching and Time and Space of the Universe, it offers a detailed explanation on the phenomena of the universe in accordance with people's understanding from macroscopic to microscopic view. It also explains in detail about the origin of the universe; and through its description, the birth process of the Greatest Creator and the truth of the universe development are represented, which helps us cognize correctly what the Tao is. It also reveals the unified field of the universe from the dual perspectives of theology and science and points out the current development advantages and drawbacks of human science. It also reveals the birth of time and space in the universe and guides us to understand the existing state of different life in the 36-dimensional space, points out the beautiful development tendency for mankind and finds the better existing space for mankind. Among them, the Nonmaterial World will lead human into an unknown realm and open a new chapter for mankind to further cognize the truth, meaning of life and the Greatest Creator, to upgrade the level of life. The Revelation, Self-Refinery And Self-Improvement, Clutivation of Immortal, Buddhahood and Humans guide mankind how to cognize the truth of life and upgrade the level of life from the change of macroscopic life to microscopic life, from the change of natural phenomena to the essence of objective things. It starts from the practical method, from the elemental class to middle class then to high class, lets us learn through practice step by step. Through all these methods, it gradually improves our cognition and makes our cognition produce a qualitative mutation from the quantities accumulation. This process is also a process training us to move towards satori. All these methods are just formulary, but their application should follow the order from the junior to senior and can be flexible and different from person to person. The Civilization opens a new chapter for mankind and points out that the future people have to cognize the Greatest Creator to fundamentally solve the drawbacks in the current development process. In the Universe-Celestial's words, humans have to carry out the radically reform to follow the operating mechanism of growing from nothing to cognize the world namely starting from the Greatest Creator to the origin of the universe. Humans have to work out the rules of the game for the human life and existence to guarantee that all life can share the charity of the Greatest Creator freely and happily. As a result, everyone can know the fundamental of life so as to be grateful to the Greatest Creator, to cherish the life and to share the time of peace and prosperity of the Great Harmony.

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