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·Notice for who wants to apply for Chanyuan- celestial
·More thoughts on how to apply to Lifechanyuan
·Beautiful Scenery in Lifechanyuan
·The Practicing of Dao from the Perspective of Lifechanyuan's Current S
·A Century's Dreadful Earthquakes and Jesus' Revelation
·18 traditional values subverted by Lifechanyuan
·The Eighteen Bottom-Lines to Be A Human
·The standards of a pure and beautiful soul
·Make the Best Use of Everything
·Rather die than swallow one's words
·No debts between Chanyuan-Celestial
·The Psychological Qualities to Be Chanyuan Celestial
·This is the life of Chanyuan Celestial
·8 attainments to be Chanyuan Celestial
·Pray for Chanyuan Celestials
·Chanyuan Celestial
·80 FAQs concerning The Home without marriage and Family (1)
·80 FAQs concerning The Home without marriage and Family (2)
·80 FAQs concerning the Home without marriage and Family (3)
·80 FAQs concerning The Home without marriage and Family (4)
·Walk to the Lifechanyuan era
·Join your talent and wisdom into the creating of Lifechanyuan era
·40 Passes from Human to Chanyuan Celestial
·The Practicing of Dao from the Perspective of Lifechanyuan's Current S
·A Century's Dreadful Earthquakes and Jesus' Revelation
·The song of the universe ---on Lifechanyuan era (1)
·Countries will disappear: On Lifechanyuan era 2
·Religion will disappear: On Lifechanyuan era (3)
·Political parties will disappear: On Lifechanyuan era (4)
·Family will gradually disappear: On Lifechanyuan era (5)
·Hospitals and Doctors Will Disappear: On Lifechanyuan Era
·Establish global government--- Lifechanyuan era (7)
·New human, new life--- Lifechanyuan era (8)
·The Noah's ark in new era
·Welcome to Lifechanyuan the New Home
·Viewing the human society mode of life in the future from the prospect
·Create a Rational, Peaceful, Humanistic Era
·Humanity has Missed a Great Chance
·Help me to Build a Paradise on the Earth/Xuefeng
·Help me to Build a Paradise on the Earth/Xuefeng
·Humanity has Missed a Great Chance/Xuefeng
·The Only Solution to Humanity's Crisis : To the United Nations
·Live for Yourself, Never for Others/Xuefeng
·Out of the Egypt of the Spirit/Xuefeng
·The most selfish are those who live for others/Xuefeng
·Genetic Engineering: All the Devils are Coming Out of Caves/XueFeng
·Strategic Life XueFeng
·Life Needs a Track! XueFeng
·The Eight Meanings of the Way of the Greatest Creator(I) XueFeng
·The Eight Meanings of the Way of the Greatest Creator(II) XueFeng
·Life Unfolds from These Two Purposes Xuefeng
·Looking for Your Own Garden of Eden
·The Values and Meaning of Life
·The Values and Meanings of Life and LIFE
·How to Realize the Value of Life
·Infants Who Never Grow Up
·Navigating for Life and LIFE
·The Three Great Treasures of Life
·Priorities: The Order of Importance and The Emergence of Life
·Escape from Despair
·The Survival of Mankind is in Great Danger The Production and Life Mo
·Eight Criteria for Individual Freedom
·The Crisis of Being Eliminated Lurks in Passivity
·Gratitude: The First Element of LIFE’s Sublimation
·The Poor Can not Enter into Heaven
·Knowledge Is Not Power
·The Dialectical Relationship between Reality and Illusion
·The Trajectory and Free Will of Life
·Abandonment is also a kind of achievement
·Possess Nothing yet Have Everything
·The Only Purpose of Becoming a Chanyuan Celestial
·How to Know Our Previous Lives
·How to Predict Your Own Afterlife
·The Interpretation of Predestined Ties
·How to Know Our Previous Lives
·The Only Purpose of Becoming a Chanyuan Celestial
·The Only Purpose of Becoming a Chanyuan Celestial
·You are Invited to Join Lifechanyuan International Family
·You are Invited to Join Lifechanyuan International Family
·【英汉对照版】生命篇序言(LIFE Prologue)
·【英汉对照版】生命篇序言(LIFE Prologue)
·【英汉对照版】生命篇——生命的赞歌 (LIFE——The Psalm of LIFE)
·【英汉对照版】解说灵魂的地域性 Explaining the Regional Properties of S
·【英汉对照版】投胎与堕胎 Reincarnation and Abortion
·【中英文对照版】有关生命和生命轮回的八个小秘密 Eight Secrets on LIFE a
·【英汉对照版】生命的价值和意义 The Value and Meaning of LIFE
·【英汉对照版】生命的高峰体验和极乐妙境The Peak Experience and Bliss St
·【英汉对照版】清扫生命通道 Clear the Passage of LIFE
·【英汉对照版】梦境和生命空间Dream World and the Space of LIFE
·【英汉对照版】生命篇——生命的起源(LIFE——The Origin of LIFE)
·【英汉对照版】生命篇——生命的特征(LIFE——The Features of LIFE)
· 【英汉对照版】生命篇——生命的意义(LIFE——The Meaning of LIFE)
·【英汉对照版】生命篇——生命的层次(LIFE——The Levels of LIFE)
·【英汉对照版】生命篇——生命的轮回(LIFE——The Transmigration of LIFE
·【英汉对照版】生命篇——生命的轨迹(LIFE——The Trajectory of LIFE)
·【英汉对照版】生命的灵光与色彩(LIFE——The Spiritual Light and Color
·【英汉对照版】生命篇——生命的演化(LIFE——The Evolution of LIFE)
·【英汉对照版】生命的生死新概念(New Understanding on the Life and Deat
·【英汉对照版】生命不灭定律 The Five Laws on the Eternity of LIFE
Lifechanyuan Overview





   Lifechanyuan Overview








   Deiform Buddha





   Take a broad view and you will see faraway mountains are fresh and green.


   Stay and study in Lifechanyuan will a new life begin. You will see clear paradise scenes.





   Lifechanyuan is the home of spirit and mind, the habitat of the exhausted human life, the desert oasis for the ordinary, kind, honest, hardworking and intelligent people, the institute to understand the implication and significance of life and the transit station to the Heaven.




   Lifechanyuan follows the path of the Greatest Creator, and the core value of Lifechanyuan is revere the Greatest Creator, revere life, revere nature and create Lifechanyuan era.




   When you feel exhausted, anxious and confused in this mortal life, you can take some time to Lifechanyuan to drink a cup of tea, take a rest, recover from fatigue state, chat, listen to other people's perception of life, and experience the quiet and peaceful atmosphere and find out whether there are indeed some unworldly higher beings.




   The universe has 36-dimensional space, and each space is a huge world, among which includes supreme level, middle level and lower level life space. Lifechanyuan will show you the secrets of different space levels and escort you to set foot on the super time and space road toward the beautiful, picturesque and fascinating thousand-year world, ten-thousand-year world and Elysium world through its explanations on the universe, time and space.




   Human life is full of misfortune, pain, regret and frustration; worry and sadness has always tangled us; many puzzling mysteries of human life make us feel contradictory; unpredictable situations and unexpected good or bad fortune make us anxious; undesirable and troublesome things often make us sleepless; disease and hunger often threatens us; from time to time the complicated and changeable interpersonal relationships entrap us into the painful abyss; the survival competition oppresses us and makes our exhausted body fall into the grief vortex one after another; why is our life like this? Why are we always stuck in a dilemma hard to get out? Why can't we control the path of our own life?




   For thousands of years, the wise people have been working hard to seek the answers. the sages such as Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed, Lao Tzu from one generation after another had paid their painstaking efforts for us; Marx, Lenin, Mao Zedong, Thomas Jefferson, Lincoln had worked so hard for us. All of them tried to create a peaceful world in which everyone are equal and happy; the great sages such as Moses, St. Paul, Maha Villa, Zoroaster, Mani, Vardhamana, Dante, Seth had endured the hardships and advised us in earnest in order to lead us into a happy homeland; but the real answer seems to be still far away from us, and we still need to go a long journey, step by step, to approach the other side of truth.


   科学的发展为我们提供了打开真理之门的钥匙,爱因斯坦、牛顿、伽利略、法拉第、斯蒂芬.霍金等等科学巨匠为我们铺了一层层通向真理之门的台阶,而爱迪生、洛克菲勒、亨利.福特、比尔.盖茨等发明创造者们为我们创造了必要的实用工具,柏拉图、伊本.西拿、朱熹、亚里斯多德、瑞内 .笛卡尔、培根、包括亚当 .斯密、卢梭、伏尔泰、马尔萨斯、达尔文、弗洛伊德等大师们为我们装备了必要的理性思维工具,现在该是我们承先启后、正本清源、吸收人类智慧的一切精华,开创新纪元的时候了。


   The development of science provides us with the keys to the door of truth; the great masters of science such as Einstein, Newton, Galileo, Faraday, Stephen Hawking had paved the steps for us to approach the door of truth; the great inventors such as Edison, Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Bill Gates had created the practical tools for us; the great masters such as Plato, Ibn Sina , Zhu Xi, Aristotle, René Descartes, Bacon, including Adam Smith, Rousseau, Voltaire, Malthus, Darwin, Freud had equipped us with necessary rational thinking tools. Now it is the time for us to carry on the past heritage and open up the future, to reform radically and absorb all the essence of human wisdom so as to create a new era.





   Lifechanyuan not only aims to solve the problems such as: whether there is the Greatest Creator, the origin of life and universe, the inevitable and occasional, the problem of karma, the problem of past life and afterlife and the problem of whether there is God, Buddha, Celestial Being, but more importantly is to show everyone the optimal life, relief pains in human life, guide everyone towards the supreme life space, so as to make life bloom forever with the beautiful flowers in the eternal time-space.




   The establishment of Lifechanyuan is an unprecedented huge project, in which dozens or hundreds of individuals are powerless, and a single nation or a country is far from competent, and the common wisdom and knowledge can barely do much about this issue. What we need are hundreds and thousands of people with the highest spirituality and wisdom from different nationalities to play the roles of leaders. I sincerely hope the secluded people in this world, religious figures, presidents, Nobel Prize winners, billionaires, scientists, entrepreneurs, literati, ordinary civil servants, teachers, workers, peasants, soldiers, businessmen, etc., including the homeless tramp will participate in this project, as long as you can explain any issue about the universe, time-space, human life etc., and no others can refute your theory, then you are eligible to be in the leadership of Lifechanyuan.




   Lifechanyuan does not belong to any country, any nation, any religion, any political party, group or individual, so it plans to set up branches worldwide.

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